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  • Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge - Assembly Final

Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge - Assembly Final

Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge! is a programme managed and delivered by Speakers Trust, the UK’s leading public speaking organisation, and is supported and funded by the Jack Petchey Foundation. The aim of the programme is to amplify young people’s voices by building confidence, developing skills and creating platforms for young people to share their stories and ideas to empower not only themselves but each other. In this way, we champion effective, positive communication to use in education, employability and social change.

Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge gives free communication skills training to Year 10 students in every state school in London and Essex. All of the students in year 10 took part in the programme throughout the winter term. Each student was exceptional in their efforts. A select few were chosen to showcase their final speeches in front of their year group during our weekly assembly to compete for a place to represent Highbury Fields school in the Jack Petchey's "Speak Out" Challenge! Islington Regional Final. Leshare, Lucy, Rehane, Nia, Sapphire and Nafisa were the six students chosen to compete by their peers.

All six students delivered speeches that were compelling, powerful and covering real-life issues that are affecting our lives daily. Each student demonstrated their ability to captivate their audience and cause an eruption of thoughts and emotions in response to their heartfelt speeches.

The student who was voted the winner of the Jack Petchey “speak out” and who will go on to represent Highbury Fields school in the Regional Final is Sapphire, her speech was outstanding, delivered with courage in a fearless manner and impeccable composure, we are looking forward to hosting the Regional Final on 24th February 2022.

Well done to all students who took part in this amazing event Assembly Final gallery.